Good morning Sugahs.  It has been raining since yesterday afternoon and will continue throughout today.  The good news is Friday and Saturday will be beautiful.  Oh, and it's National Pie Day, the kind you eat.  That's good news, right?!

Today is National Handwriting Day and Pie Day.


171 years ago - In 1849, a woman named Elizabeth Blackwell became the first female doctor.

63 years ago - In 1957, toy company WHAM-O produced the very first Frisbees. Get this, since 1977, WHAM-O has sold over 100 million Frisbees.

47 years ago - In 1973, President Richard Nixon announced that an accord had been reached to end the Vietnam War.

45 years ago - In 1975 - "Barney Miller" premiered on ABC.

44 years ago - In 1976 - David Bowie released, "Station to Station". The album featured the hit, "Golden Years".

43 years ago - In 1977 - Pink Floyd released "Animals".

43 years ago - In 1977, the TV mini-series "Roots" aired on ABC and became the most-watched television program in history.

42 years ago - In 1978, Terry Kath, lead singer and guitarist for the band Chicago shot himself. 

37 years ago - In 1983, "The A-Team" debuted on NBC.

34 years ago - In 1986, Chuck BerryJames BrownRay CharlesSam CookeFats Domino, the Everly BrothersBuddy HollyJerry Lee LewisElvis PresleyLittle RichardRobert JohnsonJimmie RodgersJimmy YanceyJohn HammondAlan Freed, and Sam Phillips were the first to be inducted into the first Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

29 years ago - In 1991, the IRS began auctioning off Willie Nelson's property. He owed 16 million dollars in back taxes.

23 years ago - In 1997, the Spice Girls movie "Spice World" debuted.

17 years ago - In 2003, Actress Nell Carter died from complications of diabetes at 54.  She was best known for appearing in the hit television show,  "Gimme A Break".

15 years ago - In 2005, legendary "Tonight Show" host Johnny Carson passed away from complications related to emphysema. HE WAS THE BEST!

9 years ago - In 2011, Jack Lalanne, died of respiratory failure due to pneumonia. He was 96.


Jack Reynor is 28.

Julia Jones is 39.

Josh Thompson is 42.

Tiffani Thiessen is 46.

Princess Caroline of Monaco is 63.

Richard Finch is 66.

Robin Zander is 67.

Chesley Sullenberger is 69.

Richard Dean Anderson is 70. 

Anita Pointer is 72.

Chita Rivera is 87.

XXXTentacion would have been 22. (1998 - 2018).


• 2 days until The Year of the Rat.

• 22 days until Valentine's Day.


Today: 100% chance for rain, 70.

Tonight: Clearing, 43.

Friday: Sunny, 63.

Saturday: Mostly Sunny, 62.

Sunday: 60% chance for rain, 59.

Have a great day!
cj and jenn







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