Good morning Acadiana. Y'all ready for a fantastic weekend? The weather is going to be awesome. KTDY is starting off the weekend with the world-famous Polyester Power Hour. Today we are saluting the medical professionals here in Acadiana and around the world by spotlighting the 80s all morning long. The 80s decade was recently voted 'favorite decade of music' by medical professionals working in the United States.

In addition, Jenn from Nothing Bundt Cakes will be delivering cakes to frontliners today. As a bonus, she will also give our chosen frontliners gift cards for a massage at Spa Mizan in Lafayette. Nominate an essential worker here.

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Pigs In A Blanket Day

Arbor Day

Hairball Awareness Day

Teach Children To Save Day


220 years ago - In 1800, the Library of Congress was established.

46 years ago - In 1974, the Tampa Bay Bucaneers became an established NFL franchise. Tom Brady is not having a good start in Tampa.

46 years ago - In 1974, legendary comedian Bud Abbott, from Abbott and Costello died at the age of 76.

31 years ago - In 1989, Massachusetts declared New Kids on the Block Day.

16 years ago - In 2004, Mario Lopez married Ali Landry. They had the marriage annulled after two weeks. He cheated on our Cajun sweetheart. HOW DARE HE?!

15 years ago - In 2005, Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger was inaugurated as Pope Benedict the 16th.

13 years ago - In 2007, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's rocky marriage became officially over.

12 years ago - In 2008, Wesley Snipes was convicted of tax evasion. The judge gave him three years.

Four years ago - In 2016, Billy Paul who had the mego hit 'Me and Mrs. Jones' in the 70's died. He was 81.


Kehlani is 25. Singer.

Tyson Ritter is 36. Singer.

Kelly Clarkson is 38. Singer, talk show host.

Rory McCann is 51. The Hound on "Game of Thrones".

Aidan Gillen is 52. Petyr Baelish on "Game of Thrones".

Cedric The Entertainer is 56. Comedian, actor.

Djimon Hounsou is 56. Actor.

Barbra Streisand is 78. Singer, actress and filmmaker.

Shirley MacLaine is 86. Legendary actress.


11 days until Teacher Appreciation Day

16 days until Mother's Day

28 days until Memorial Day Weekend


Today: Sunny, 85.

Tonight: Clear, 64.

Saturday: Sunny, 83.

Sunday: Sunny, 82.

Nice week ahead as well!

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