During the Polyester Power Hour, a Friday morning request show on 99.9 KTDY featuring retro party hits, you’ve probably heard CJ & me talk about Nothing Bundt Cakes and how delicious they are. Usually, we do ‘Prize Patrol’ on Fridays where Jen, with Nothing Bundt Cakes, will find a location to park her Bundt Mobile and she hands out FREE cakes to our listeners.  With the Coronavirus pandemic, we are changing things up a bit. Instead of Prize Patrol, we want to treat 'essential' workers to a delicious cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes.

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One of the things that Nothing Bundt Cakes believes in is spreading the joy. I can think of no better way to spread joy, than to treat those that are out there working all day, every day to help get us through this crazy time.  -Jennifer Koenig

We want you to nominate hardworking individuals that are in the frontline working all hours and putting themselves at risk with Covid-19. We are talking about the essential workers like doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals, hospital staff, clinics, police officers, firefighters, paramedics, grocery store staff, pharmacies, mail carriers, etc.

To nominate, just use our KTDY mobile app. You can download it free in Google Play or the app store. Click the 'CHAT' button and tell us who you are nominating. Give us their name, where they work, and a phone number.

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On Friday morning during the Polyester Power Hour, Jen with Nothing Bundt Cakes will deliver cakes!

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Thank you to Nothing Bundt Cakes for this wonderful act of kindness and a huge THANK YOU to all frontline workers from all of us at KTDY.