One Alabama Crimson Tide fan didn't like the cake his wife prepared for him.

Watch as this Alabama fan destroys a cake his family got for him, all because it had the colors of the rival in it.

Sure, this video from a few years ago, but with football season rapidly approaching, we thought we'd share this great one with you one more time.

As soon as he notices the purple and gold colors in the cake, this grown man smashes his cake like a kid would.

Those around him are shocked by his actions, but you have to believe that they knew that this prank would set him off, and it did.


Lucky for them the man did not have the huge knife in his hand that he used to cut the cake, after all, who knows what he may have done.

Football season is rapidly approaching and I should warn some of you that if you have a birthday celebration approaching, you may be the next victim of such a prank. Thus, you should cut slowly into your cake and observe what is hiding in it.

LSU and Alabama will face each other this football season on November 4th in Tuscaloosa. And yes, I'd love to watch this man's behavior during that game.

Here's the video of this fan losing it and destroying the cake his family got for him.

If you're an LSU fan, enjoy this.


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