Good morning Acadiana. Rain again today, storms could be severe at times especially overnight. Cooler, drier air is on the way but it won't be around long. Today is National Plum Pudding Day and International Darwin Day.


111 years ago - In 1909, the NAACP was founded.

48 years ago - In 1972, Al Green's 'Let's Stay Together' hit #1.

39 years ago - In 1981, Rush released their eighth album, 'Moving Pictures'. 'Tom Sawyer' was on it.

35 years ago - In 1985, Nicholas Colasanto who played Coach on 'Cheers', died. He was 61.

27 years ago - In 1993, the comedy 'Groundhog Day' was released.

23 years ago - In 1997, David Bowie got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

21 years ago - In 1999, the Senate acquitted President Clinton of impeachment charges.

20 years ago - In 2000, 'Peanuts' creator Charles M. Schulz died at age 77.

16 years ago - In 2004, Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin became the first gay couple to be married legally in San Francisco.

5 years ago - In 2015, 'Laugh-In' star Gary Owens passed away.

4 years ago - In 2016, the first 'Deadpool' was released.

3 years ago - In 2017, Al Jarreau died. He was 76.


Christina Ricci is 40. Actress, producer.

Gucci Mane is 40. Rapper.

Jesse Spencer is 41. Matt Casey on 'Chicago Fire'.

Ajay Naidu is 48. Samir in 'Office Space'.

Josh Brolin is 52. Thanos in 'Avengers: Infinity War' and Cable in 'Deadpool 2'.

Chynna Phillips is 52. Wilson Phillips

Arsenio Hall is 64. Comedian, actor.

Joanna Kerns is 67. 'Growing Pains'

Michael McDonald is 68. Doobie Brothers.

Michael Ironside is 70. Actor.

Maud Adams is 75. Bond Girl, twice.

Moe Bandy is 76. Country singer.

Abraham Lincoln  (1809 - 1865) The 16th president of the United States.

Charles Darwin (1809 - 1882)

Lorne Greene  (1915 - 1987) Ben Cartwright on 'Bonanza'.


• 13 days until Mardi Gras.

• 2 days until Valentine's Day.

• 24 days until Daylight Saving Time.

• 48 days until April Fools' Day.


Today: 70% chance for rain, 76.

Tonight: 80% chance for rain, 51.

Thursday: 30% chance for rain early, 59.

Friday: PERFECT, 55.

Saturday and Sunday: 30% chance for rain.

Have a wonderful day.

cj anc jenn


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