It wasn't Lady Gaga's high-flying performance or the New England Patriots' historic comeback that had some viewers' eyes popping out of their heads during last night's (February 5) Super Bowl 51 broadcast: It was Chrissy Teigen's wardrobe — or, more accurately, her wardrobe malfunction.

Teigen, who watched the big game from the stands at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas with husband John Legend, gave fans some hilarious updates through her own Twitter account. It was the national FOX Broadcast, though, that found her in a compromising position, as a few viewers noticed that when her leather jacket slid a bit off her shoulder, it revealed — GASP — her nipple.

Teigen, an expert in playing it cool, hardly let the nip-slip knock her off balance.

And fans seemed to shrug off the "incident" alongside her, with one replying "Oh nooo a human nipple nooooooooooooooooooooo."

Thankfully, Teigen's become practiced at laughing off wardrobe malfunctions. In November, she wore a Yousef Akbar gown to the 2016 American Music Awards, and while she was traveling down the red carpet, an untimely gust of wind evidently blew her dress up, revealing parts of her groin. Some followers called in incident "unladylike," to which Teigen only had this to say:

"Apologies to anyone harmed mentally or physically by my hooha," she added on Instagram.

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