There's a time for everything.

If you've been to the beach in recent years you've probably seen many things that you still talk about these days.

However, have you ever seen anyone on the beach walking with a chicken on a leash? I haven't until now.

Sure, some have been spotted on the beach with their dog(s), but a chicken on the beach isn't something you'd expect to see while your toes are in the sand.

A woman in Gulf Shores, Alabama did the unthinkable when she brought a chicken with her while on the beach, and as you'd expect, it got the attention of many who were there.


Now, I don't know why she brought this bird with her, but it could be a support animal so I will approach this photo with caution.

However, I am curious to know if she traveled with it or if she's from the Gulf Shores area and just walked over to the beach with it.

Whatever the case may be, this is not something you'd expect to see on a beach. I do hope this chicken enjoyed its visit and here's the photo that has been shared over a thousand times on social media.


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