Candace Owens wants Cardi B to know she isn't "all talk."

Well, in this case, it would be "all tweets" after Cardi B and Candace Owens have been going back and forth on Twitter all week after Owens heavily critiqued Cardi's controversial performance of WAP on the Grammy Awards.

Cardi clapped back at Owens and other detractors for their continued criticism of WAP saying it doesn't compare to the latest cartoons and books to fall victim to "cancel culture."

Owens went back and forth with Cardi, even pointing out that Cardi allegedly tweeted out a doctored photo in their exchange.

At one point, Owens replied to a tweet saying that she intended to sue Cardi B for things that she posted during their Twitter spat.

In an appearance on Laura Ingraham's Fox News program, Owens doubled down on her intent to take legal action promising to "follow through" with the lawsuit against Cardi B.

She said that Cardi will have to answer for the now deleted-tweets that "slandered" her family members.

We are suing Cardi B. You will be able to watch this play out in the courtroom. It is unacceptable that any person would use doctored tweets to try and libel and slander my family members, my private family members, and think that I’m going to take that sitting down.

At the time of this publication, representatives for Cardi B hadn't responded to emails from Fox News nor has Owens given an implication as to when she would file the lawsuit.

Representatives for Cardi B did not immediately respond to after-hours emails from Fox News seeking comment, and Owens did not indicate when the suit would be filed.

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