A Fox News Weatherman is speaking out after he was attacked on the New York City Subway.

Fox News Weatherman Adam Klotz took to his Instagram Stories on Sunday to talk about how he was attacked in the New York City Subway, which left him with bruised ribs, black eyes, and several cuts across his face.

In Adam's video, you can see him attempting to make the best of the situation and trying to joke about his bruises. However, he also goes on to ask "where are the parents?" Admitting that he was attacked by a group of kids.

Adam did say that kids beat him up in the middle of the night while he was on the New York City Subway.

Adam did address the teens who were initially harassing an older man and that is when the teens turned their attention to him and beat him in the face and ribs.

A few of the teens that were involved in the beating were stopped by the police. However, three of the minors were released several hours later to their parents due to their age.

Adam is at home recovering and was not seriously harmed in the attack. The older man who Adam was trying to help walked away unharmed.



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