Cardi B, "Come on Down!"

We have seen many celebrities comment on Mardi Gras festivities this year in south Louisiana, and now we can add Cardi B to the list.

She recently Retweeted a video from what some say is from Church Point and now the popular artist has implied that she wants to attend the festivities one year.


I don't know if she knows what she may be getting into, but we know that Cardi B likes to have a good time, thus she may fit right in.

As a matter of fact, if Cardi B wants to attend Mardi Gras in South Louisiana next year, we'll take her around and show her how it is done down here and we will invite her onto our station Mardi Gras float for 2023.

Could you imagine letting Cardi B lose in Church Point or Carencro? If it happens, I hope our buddy John Weatherall is close by to catch the action!

Check out what some of her fans and followers are saying about her potential visit to south Louisiana for Mardi Gras. Yeah, I think she'd be welcomed with open arms here!

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