I'm sick of political rants on my timeline. Liberal? Conservative? I don't care. Why do people do that, anyway? Do they really think they can change someone else's mind? It's highly unlikely, but not impossible according to the Pew Research Center. A recent report indicates 14% of american social media users have changed their mind about a social or political issue based on a social media post in the past year. Who's most likely to be swayed? Young males, aged 18-29 (23%). Hispanics (22%) are more likely to be influenced by a post than blacks (19%), or whites (11%). Democrats (17%) are more likely to change their viewpoint than Republicans(9%). Here's my two cents. I've worked in mass media most of my life. Social media's not the best place to look for fully factual information on any social or political issue. Try Reuters, the BBC, or the Christian Science Monitor.

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