From performing "Make Me" on the 2016 MTV VMAs stage with G-Eazy to cackling about Justin Bieber's nudes on BBC Radio 1 to taking a dorky ride on the passenger side with James Corden for Carpool Karaoke, Britney Spears' relentless round of #GloryPromo just won't let up.

And this time, it's all about the fashion, baybeh.

She might be best known for her low ride jeans and her pink little baby tees (REFERENCE), but for the David Roemer-photographed cover of the UK October 2016 issue of Marie Claire, the Living Legend is going into militant mode. Fitting for the commander-in-chief of the Britney Army, no?

It's something a bit more artsy fartsy and left-lane — fitting for this era as a whole.

Inside the issue, Britney talks to writer Louise Gannon about being "so under scrutiny" when she was younger in Hollywood.

"If a hair was out of place, I'd be so anxious. I would get very anxious about so many things," she says.

The key to relaxing — well, relatively? Bein' a mama.

"Becoming a mother and being with my boys has made me so much more accepting of myself," she reveals.

The single hot mama, who's repeatedly said she's not interested in marriage at this point, also recounts a particularly bad recent date: "It was sort of awkward...he just wasn’t that into me. I liked him. He knew that. But he definitely didn’t feel the same. It happens to everybody. Being famous doesn’t make you any different."

One thing she is interested in now? Sushi – all thanks to her sister, Jamie-Lynn Spears.

"I never ate sushi until a year or so ago. I thought the idea of raw fish was horrible. We had a day in a hotel in Vegas and she ordered up every single bit of sushi they had and we sat there just eating everything. Now I’m hooked," she reveals. You wanna sashimi? You better order, bitch.

Sushi, bad dates and anxiety — I've never felt more Spearitually connected.

Check out the cover story preview over at Marie Claire, and see some shots from inside the issue below.

Britney Spears Looks 'Glory'-ous at the 2016 MTV VMAs:

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