One fruit most people love in South Louisiana is bananas and their existence may soon be in question.

Yes, bananas may one day no longer be available to you and me.

In a recent report, "Scientists warn that the most popular type of banana could be on the brink of extinction due to a disease outbreak that’s ravaging the potassium-filled fruit."

Those in the field of science say a fungus outbreak is an issue and once the fungus originates in a defined area it is very hard to get rid of. Therefore, the "nanners" are in jeopardy and you should probably enjoy them while you can.

While there are many different species of bananas out there in the wild, most of us consume the Cavendish strain.

But, could they be wiped out before it's too late, well that's what some believe. Still, we should have at least another decade to figure out the problem and come up with a solution on how to save this popular strain of bananas.

As you may expect, some are optimistic that the popular fruit can be saved from the pandemic, while others warn that something must be done fast.

Now, we are in the 21st century so I am certain that strains of bananas can be manipulated and saved. With technology now found in laboratories around the world, I am certain that scientists will find a way to keep the potassium-rich fruit available.

Bananas not only taste great to some but they also are filled with vitamins, potassium, and antioxidants. So yes, they are good for you and me.

Still, the threat is out there and no I don't think you can hoard bananas like some did toilet paper during the COVID pandemic.

Let's just hope that the bananas can be saved before it's too late, after all, what will monkeys have to resort to if one of their favorites disappears from Earth?


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