Here's something you may not have known about the packaging of oranges.

Did you know that there are a few reasons why oranges are packaged in the red mesh bags you see here and in stores?

Well, there are a few reasons why your favorite fruit is in these bags and we highlight them here, and it's by no mistake.

For starters, the red mesh bags that hold the oranges have a certain appeal to the consumer. The red color on the bright orange color is an attraction and very appealing to the eye.

Yes, colors play a huge role in marketing and it's by no mistake that the mesh bag that contains the fruit in stores is the color it is.

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Next, the bag has many holes in it and that is vital to preserving the fruit.

Oranges are citrus fruits so they do release gases even after being harvested so ventilation is a must to preserve the fruit.

These mesh bags have large holes in them and this allows the gases to escape and keep the fruit fresh for you and me.

The bags also protect the oranges while they are stacked in stores or while you are transporting them after the purchase. These bags have a rough texture, thus the bag protects the fruit from being damaged or bruised.

So yes, there are a few reasons why your favorite fruit is packaged as such and again, it is by no mistake that mesh bags house the popular fruit of choice.


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