Today is Thursday, August 30th. There are 116 days until Christmas.

Today in 1967, the U.S. Senate confirmed the appointment of Thurgood Marshall as the first black justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

In 1974, "The Brady Bunch" aired for the lat time on ABC Television.

In 1993, "Late Show with David Letterman" debuted on CBS.

In 1997, Americans first learned that Princess Diana, her boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, and their driver, Henri Paul, were involved in a fatal car crash in Paris.

In 2005, martial law was declared in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana due to the devastation and related problems Hurricane Katrina unleashed on Southeast Louisiana.

In 2015, Kanye West announced on the MTV Video Music Awards that he planned to run for president in 2020

Today is Grief Awareness Day and Toaster Marshmallow Day.

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett is 88.

Actress Cameron Diaz is 46.

TV personality Lisa Ling is 45.

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