There's an age at which women become happiest with themselves in front of a mirror without clothing.  What age is that?  Probably a little older than you would suspect.

Woman Looking In A Mirror
Andreas Rentz, Getty Images

Women are known to be picky about their bodies, that being said, at what age does a women look into the mirror undressed and enjoy the way she looks?  The answer is 34.

Research states, that's when a women is peaking in her own self confidence.  Usually by mid-30s women have figured out what to eat and what not to eat.  What makes them gain weight and what makes them lose weight.  Most women also have a workout routine.

Women do stare at themselves in mirrors a lot!  The one thing they hate most are wrinkles.  40% claim they stare at themselves nude everyday, 25% look once a week and 16% never look at themselves because of a multitude of reasons.

Like most men, the women in this survey proclaimed their breasts the best part of their body.  Legs came in second.  Women hate their stomachs the most.

[Via:  The Telegraph]

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