Items from an elementary school in Arabi were found in Mississippi, according to reports.

If you recall, Arabi was hit hard by the tornados that ripped through the greater New Orleans area on Tuesday, and Arabi Elementary was affected.

The storms also took one life as the tornadoes touched down. Connor Lambert, a UL graduate, lost his life that night.

As the front that sparked the outbreak of tornadoes continued moving to the east and north, they took a bit of Louisiana with them to Mississippi.

Mark McNally, who lives in Mandeville, claims that pieces of debris that can be traced back to Arabi Elementary were found in his friend's field near Perkinston, Mississippi after the storm front moved through his area.

The debris, according to the Facebook post, looks to be pieces of a package that had been sent to Arabi Elementary.

Perkinston Mississippi via Google Maps
Perkinston Mississippi via Google Maps

The distance from Arabi Elementary to Perkinston, Mississippi? Well, as the crow flies, it's about 80 miles.

Arabi Elementary was damaged by the storm and had to remain closed for a few days and, according to reports, is slated to reopen tomorrow.

For an area that has seen its share of natural disasters and has bounced back each and every time, I am confident that folks there will be doing fine in short order.

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