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Henderson Mayor Sherbin Colette says that one death was reported in the Henderson area due to the storm that moved through the area Monday night.


A heavy band of thunderstorms that moved through the Acadiana area left many areas with some damage.

KATC TV 3 Meteorologist Rob Perillo spoke of possible tornadic activity in Lafayette and St. Martin Parishes. For certain, high winds around 90 miles per hour were clocked in some areas.

Thousands of customers in several Acadiana parishes had to go without electricity as those winds moved through along with 2 to 3 inches of rain in twenty minutes according to Perillo.

This is video from Butte LaRose community on Facebook of the damage at Pat's in Henderson:

This is another picture of Pat's in Henderson, and the damage that happened:


Pat's in Henderson 2
Brett Broussard via Butte LaRose Facebook


This video shows just how crazy the winds were in some parts of Lafayette as the storm moved through. Golfers at Top Golf in the area near Kaliste Saloom and Ambassador Caffery sent us this video:

The following is another video that Rob Perillo posted on his account:

The first tornado warning was issued after 6 p.m., and it lasted until 6:30 p.m. Several areas were in the warning area:

The following is a picture of the number of incident reports that the Lafayette emergency officials were responding to just a little after 7 p.m. Monday:

Incident Reports 1
Lafayette Government
Incident Reports 2
Lafayette Government

If you are wondering about your electricity being out and when it might be restored you can click on the following providers for a link to their information:





As the storm system moved through the Acadia and Lafayette parish areas, other communities were then in the path of heavy storms and wind gusts. St. Landry Parish and St. Martin Parish were also inundated with severe thunderstorms and the threat of tornadic activity.

For those in the Henderson area and anyone driving on Interstate Ten during the time frame when the storm continued to move east, there were several areas where high winds, possibly damaging winds, were moving across the roadway.

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