More sad news to share about the tornado that struck parts of New Orleans and surrounding communities Tuesday evening.

David Begnaud of CBS News reported on Wednesday that the lone fatality in Tuesday's tornado near New Orleans was Connor Lambert.

I heard in a separate report that the young man exited his truck and upon entering his own house, it exploded, sending his body across the yard into another house.

Lambert was pronounced dead on the scene and died as a result of several injuries to his body.

His vehicle was found wrapped around a tree in his yard.

Tornado Touches Down In New Orleans
Getty Images

While it is terrible that one life was lost in this destructive tornado Tuesday evening, it really is amazing that were not more fatalities. The damage in the area is so severe and so widespread.

FEMA officials are on the scene of the destruction as they have begun their investigation to determine if the area affected by the tornado qualifies for being declared a "disaster area".

Our thoughts are with the family of Connor Lambert during this very difficult time.

Check out this drone footage from the area where the massive tornado touched down and destroyed so many homes for those around New Orleans and surrounding towns.


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