Not again.

Several photos and videos have shown up on social media that show alligators enjoying the surf near some popular gulf coast beaches.

One photo, which you can see above, shows a medium-sized alligator approaching a beach in Dauphin Island, AL.

Some similar photos have also shown up from others who were near this location too.

Here you can see that the alligator did in fact make it onto the beach, thus many in the area took to social media to warn others of this potential danger.

Sure, we know that sharks are out there, that's not Breaking News, but it is odd to see an alligator wash up onshore of a beach.

While this isn't the first time we see an alligator in the Gulf of Mexico, it is rare to witness, and we thought you should be aware of this as many will soon be hitting the beaches where this gator appeared.

Another recent post on social media shows an alligator in the gulf and this gator was reportedly swimming at a nearby beach in Waveland, Mississippi.

Again, we remind you that there are many dangers while out on the beach or in the water so please be very careful in the weeks and months ahead.


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