We have been hearing for years that Aldi was making its way to Louisiana but those rumors could never be confirmed until June of 2021.

In June of 2021, Aldi announced that they would be opening two stores in the Lafayette area; one on Ambassador Caffery and the other on Louisiana Ave. The third store that Aldi is planning on opening will be in New Iberia off of E. Admiral Doyle.

As you can see from the comments on Developing Lafayette's post, it seemed that the majority of people in Lafayette were excited that the grocery chain had decided to make its way into the Louisiana area.

For months we have been hearing that the Ambassador Caffery store will open at the beginning of 2022 and today we received some insider information that the store will indeed be opening at the beginning part of 2022.

KTDY received information from an anonymous source that stated that the store on Ambassador Caffery’s grand opening will be held on February 10, 2022.

When I reached out to Aldi Management for more information they told me that they can not confirm the exact date of the grand opening but they are looking to open the store on Ambassador Caffrey sometime in February. They also stated the company is excited to be opening multiple stores in the Acadiana region. They have been gearing up for the grand opening and all of the employees are excited and ready to serve the community.

It makes sense that management would not give a concrete date when it comes to the grand opening since plans can always change but I will almost put money on it that the store opens on February 10 or a date that is very close to it.

Until the store does open you can get yourself familiar with Aldi’s products by visiting the website or the Aldi Nerd Facebook group.

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