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Don't get too excited Nick Saban naysayers, the Alabama Crimson Tide could have him on the sidelines tomorrow after all.

The SEC universe was holding it's collective breath this week wondering what the heck would happen next. First we find out that the Florida Gators hit pause on their football program due to a coronavirus outbreak that ended up infecting 21 players on the team. That in turn caused the Florida vs. LSU game scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday, October 17, 2020) in Gainesville to be postponed to December 12th. Then we find out Saturday's Missouri vs. Vanderbilt matchup was put off due to another COVID-19 outbreak in the Vandy program.

Then it was like, the third one's the charm. Alabama coach Nick Saban tested positive for coronavirus Wednesday. Now we're finding out today, that he then had a negative test result yesterday, Thursday, October 15th. According to ESPN, the SEC says that if Nick were to test twice more, at least 24 hours a apart after yesterday's test, he would be considered to have had a false positive... which means he could be on the sidelines for tomorrow's Alabama (2) vs. Georgia (3) showdown. I guess it depends on what outcome you want as to whether or not you want Saban there. I guess we'll also see tomorrow. One thing is for sure, I personally have no expectations either way. It's 2020 and I already have bad luck!

Kickoff is tomorrow night at 7 pm in Tuscaloosa on CBS. 

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