It's easy to tune out all of the news about the COVID-19 pandemic because it's consumed the news cycle and our lives for 18 months. When the pandemic and the novel coronavirus hits your or someone you love, it's hard to ignore what's happening in the world.

Now, thanks to Facebook, we're hearing about Acadiana residents' experiences with COVID-19 and their pleas for people to get vaccinated and to wear masks.

Local musician Julie Williams says she's recovering from what she assumes is breakthrough case of COVID-19. Williams says getting the vaccine spared her from worse symptoms than what she had.

"I was never once worried enough to even consider going to the hospital," Williams wrote. "Not once. It was mild in comparison to what it could have been. After this, I will be masking against all future variants and being careful. Please wear a mask. Please get vaccinated. Not everyone is so lucky.”

A New Iberia father is urging people to get the vaccine after his daughter battled a COVID-related syndrome that nearly killed her. Frankie Provost described his daughter's nearly-fatal experience with Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS-C) and the emotional rollercoaster he rode during that trying time.

Local doctors, nurses, and hospital administrators are also taking to social media to explain the importance of getting vaccinated and following other mitigation measures. All of them can be summarized in one line: Getting the vaccine will significantly reduce your chance of severe illness and death.

Furthermore, they ask the community to keep medical workers in mind when they consider whether or not to get the vaccine.

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