Ever think about foods on a stick? Popsicles, corn dogs, etc. How convenient, food with its own handle. Americans love foods on sticks. From state fairs to the local gas station, if it's on a stick we'll eat it.

A new survey asked Americans to name their favorite food served on a stick. I bet you didn't know there were nine foods found on sticks, now did you? Actually, there are probably more.

Number nine on the list is pie pops. Now here is Acadiana, that may be something we're hearing about for the first time. So what are pie pops? Pie pops are mini pies on a stick. Who knew?

Here are America's Favorite Foods on a Stick

#9 Pie Pops

#8 Cheesecake Pops

#7 Fruit Kabobs

#6 Cake Pops

#5 Lollipops

#4 Caramel Apples

#3 Meat Kabobs

#2 Popsicles

#1 Corn Dogs

And there you have it, the top foods Americans like on a stick. Why hasn't someone in Acadiana come up with boudin on a stick? Or boudin ball lollipops? I may be on to something!

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