Innovation comes in all forms. Sometimes, it's a new invention. Sometimes, it's a new scientific theory. And sometimes, it's a culinary innovation that hasn't been seen since Krispy Kreme put a donut on either side of a burger or that time KFC created a sandwich using fried chicken breasts as the bun.

This is one of those times.

Sno-Ville in Youngsville announced earlier this week that they had a new item up for sale that immediately drew the attention of food fans from all over: The Pepper Jack Bou-Nut.

The strange-sounding food does not break its promise, however. It is a pepper jack and boudin stuff donut, and it's available now.

"This is a fresh donut filled with boudin and freshly sliced melted pepper jack cheese," Sno-Ville announced on Wednesday, adding that "this one right here will have you seeing Jesus Himself!"

The item was nearly sold out by Thursday afternoon, though Sno-Ville announced Friday morning that they were fully re-stocked.

Obviously, this is not a food for the health-conscious, but it is definitely one of the most south Louisiana foods you can imagine. What isn't made better with boudin? Or donuts?

It's like the Cajun version of the Cronut - a donut made with croissant-like dough and filled with creams or fruit fillings that was a big craze in cities like New York years ago. The cronut gave way to other donut-based creations and pastries.

If you're looking for a way to add spice to your mornings, this may not be the worst idea out there.

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