What would have been the 37th Annual Giant Omelette Celebration has been called due to concerns over COVID-19.

According to the story from KATC TV3, organizers of the event weighed "the gravity" of the COVID-19 situation decided to cancel the event.

This is the second time in as many years that the organizers have decided to cancel the event, even though much time and planning had been put into preparing for the event.

staff photo
staff photo

The event is a typical South Louisiana festival with a fair, arts and crafts booths, bands, food, and the spectacle of the event: a 5,000+ egg omelette.

We cannot with a clear conscience put our membership, our vendors, bands and all who come out to help us celebrate in a situation that could lead to the spread of disease. - Giant Omelette Celebration via Facebook

Most people commenting on the post were sad that the event had to be canceled, but seemed to understand the reasoning behind the decision.

One comment left me scratching my head, though. When someone admitted that he didn't understand why the event was being canceled, another person commented with a simple, one-word answer: money.

When pressed to explain himself and provide sources that led him to his conclusion, he had to crawfish some.

via Facebook
via Facebook

It appears that Mr. (Ms?) Cham thought that organizations were being paid to cancel their events. Someone from the Giant Omelette Festival chimed in to share the truth: the organization is actually LOSING money by canceling.

I applaud the organization's willingness to sacrifice for the greater good.

We hope to see you in Abbeville for the Giant Omelette Celebration in 2022!

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