The Confrerie D'Abbeville will hold their annual celebration of the humble egg on November 2nd and 3rd. The 35th annual 5,000 Egg Giant Omelette Celebration has a juried arts and crafts show, food vendors, an antique implement show, tour of homes, a poker run, egg tossing contest, and fantastic live entertainment!

The highlight of this family friendly two day festival is the cooking of the 5,000 egg omelet, by both Louisiana and French chefs, on a 12 foot skillet. This will take place on Sunday. One extra egg is added for each year, so this year there will be 5,035 eggs. Other ingredients include 50 pounds of onions, 75 bell peppers, 4 gallons of onion tops, 2 gallons of parsley, 1.5 gallons of cooking oil, 6.5 gallons of milk, 52 pounds of butter, 3 boxes of salt, 2 boxes of black pepper, Louisiana Crawfish Tails and Tabasco Pepper Sauce.

There is also a Children's Omelette, which is on a 4 foot skillet with 600 eggs, right next to the big one for the adults. The junior members of the organization take pride in their cooking skills for this!

Check out the schedule of events, and make plans to enjoy this fun filled festival in beautiful downtown Abbeville on Nov 2 & 3. Watch the video below from the celebration a couple of years ago. So much fun, y'all!

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