My dear friend Marilyn Guidry, who recently moved to New Orleans to be with her daughter, now lives on one of the New Orleans parade routes.  She had to work very hard to get it, but during one of the parades this past Fat Tuesday, she manage to score an Elvis shoe which she gave to me.  From what I understand, to get one of these is very very special.

I just learned of a parade in New Orleans that features floats with an Elvis theme and also of another parade that involves a whole krewe who dress as Elvis and walk the entire parade route.  These parades pass right in front of my friend's place.

During the parade with the Elvis themed floats, not sure of the name, the riders throw shoes decorated with an Elvis vibe.  From what I understand, if you are lucky enough to catch one of these shoes, it's quite special.

There is a story surrounding theses Elvis themed shoes, but I don't remember it.  If you know the significance of these shoes, please let me know.  Thanks!


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