As a sign of support for Brittni and a beautiful gesture of a father's love, CJ shaved his head in anticipation of Brittni losing hers to cancer treatments.

We all know that one of the common side effects of cancer treatment is the patient's hair falling out.  In most cases, it grows back, but to have something SO obvious happen to a person can be a very big deal.

Some people handle the hair loss with humor, while others can't shake the depression it brings so easily.  As a sign of solidarity and, more importantly, love, CJ asked Brittni's hairdresser to shave his head.

He may get mad at me for posting this video, but I think that it is a wonderful show of how much this man loves and supports his daughter.

Hats off to you, CJ (no pun intended!!).  Brittni, you know that you are beautiful inside and out, so don't let the hair loss get you down.  (Maybe you and your dad can have a race to see who can grow it back the quickest!!).

Facebook/CJ Clements
Facebook/CJ Clements

What a great sight!


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