Just the headline, "911 Operator Laughs When Man Reports Girlfriend On Fire", is somewhat funny when you think about it.

Lalo Delgado, of Tucson, Arizona called 911 to report that his car was on fire and so was his girlfriend.  After the 911 operator repeated the problem back to Delgado, everyone in the 911 emergency center heard what she said and started to chuckle.  Now you have to admit, having a hot girl friend is every man's dream, and the fact that this one was on fire sounds like a line you might hear in a bar.  But this wasn't a bar, this was the 911 emergency center.

Delgado even called back to make sure they had taken his call seriously.  He's not happy and the authorities are launching a full investigation.

Watch this video and listen closely.  Would you be offended or can you see/hear how this was just a little bit funny?  You'll never hear the Alicia Keys song, 'This Girl Is On Fire' the same way again.

911 Operator Laughs When Man Reports Girlfriend On Fire


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