If I can only have one, I'll take #3.

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    Krispy Kreme

    While there are many delicious, locally - owned donut options here in Acadiana already, with Ricky Meche's donuts legendary treats at the top of the list, you can't really ever have too much of a good thing.

    Krispy Kreme's donuts are different enough to exist alongside all the others in the area, giving donut lovers even more options. Maybe Krispy Kreme could return somewhere on Ambassador near the Acadiana Mall, or maybe the UL Campus?

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    Not much beat a delicious Bennigan's Monte Cristo and a cold beer when I was in college. If you've never had or have never heard of a Monte Cristo, it's a turkey and ham club sandwich on honey wheat bread that's battered and fried, then dusted with powdered sugar. Bennigan's paired this wonder with their crunchy fries and raspberry preserves for dipping. There are plenty of videos that will teach you how to make your own Monte Cristo, but I'd much rather have Bennigan's make it for me. Did I mention they also had a delicious honey mustard dressing?

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    Pancho's Mexican Buffet

    Ah, Pancho's. Yes, the buffet was delicious, and you could get all the food you wanted by simply raising your flag, but did anything beat those amazing sopapillas? Flaky, airy, dusted with cinnamon and accompanied with honey. While we have many wonderful Mexican eateries here in Lafayette, we need a Mexican buffet.

    For years, I thought Pancho's had closed for good everywhere, but there are 9 locations still going strong in Texas. I think it's time to raise our flag and let them know we're ready for more Pancho's.

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    We 'old timers' can remember a time when the Acadiana Mall not only had a food court, but also, full restaurants. I have fond childhood memories of Morrison's Cafeteria and fond high school and college memories of TGI Fridays. Fridays was located in the west entrance of the mall, now home to Alexander Art Studio. I always either got a Friday's flatbread or their delicious New York cheddar and bacon burger.

    TGI Friday's has competition from other, similar restaurants, but I say there's plenty of room for them to return.

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    Krystal Burger

    We used to have a Krystal on Congress and Ambassador, but sadly, even a college town like Lafayette couldn't keep it going. Krystal returned briefly in Breaux Bridge but didn't last long. I'm still hoping that we'll get a location in Lafayette somewhere, maybe on the UL campus!

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