The Acadiana Mall is feeling fresh after getting some much-needed self-care this week.

As an '80s baby and a child of the '90s, I can confirm that one of the coolest places to hang out during that time was at the food court entrance of the Acadiana Mall.

To be clear, I'm not talking about hanging out inside of the actual Acadiana Mall; although that was also a very cool place to hang out too (and for some, it still is). I'm talking outside of the Acadiana Mall—where the cool kids kicked it while waiting for their parents to pick them up and the "bad" cool kids smoked cigarettes.


Times have changed and hanging out at our Lafayette malls isn't what it used to be. Most malls have adapted consumer habits have changed along with the layouts. Most of the time, when I need something from the Acadiana Mall, it's an in-and-out process.

I think it's also fair to say that we're also older, and "hanging out" at the mall doesn't hold the same top-tier appeal that it did back in our glorious adolescence.

But do you know what is still there from those days? The mess we made.

From the dirt and sludge that the millions of steps have ground into the concrete, to spilled drinks (remember those huge $0.75 sodas from the food court?), and chewing gum that is at least "20 years old"—to say the entrances to the Acadiana Mall were looking rough would be an understatement.

Thanks to an overnight cleaning from a local pressure washing business, the Acadiana Mall is looking better than it has in quite some time.

Facebook, Wyatt's Washes
Facebook, Wyatt's Washes

Wyatt's Washes had the task of cleaning the gunk and junk off of the Acadiana Mall entrances and the before and after photos are very telling.

Facebook, Wyatt's Washes
Facebook, Wyatt's Washes

Based on their Facebook post, the Acadiana Mall was very happy to see its newly cleaned entryways.

Perhaps the best part about this story is seeing community staples count on local businesses to get cleaned up. Cajun Field is partnered with Under Pressure to keep the home of the Ragin' Cajuns looking good.

Recently, L.A. Drone Services has been using drones to clean the roof of the CAJUNDOME.

Now we have Wyatt's Washes is giving the Acadiana Mall a much-needed facelift.

Checking out the before and after pictures, it seems like the Acadiana Mall is super satisfied.

All we have to do is not spit our gum out onto the sidewalk and it should be fine for another 20 years.

Congrats to the Acadiana Mall and a big shout out to the local businesses that are keeping our Lafayette landmarks fresh.

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