Imagine being 18-years-old and being invited to be the drummer for Pearl Jam for a happened to Kai Neukerman of Mill Valley, California.

Pearl Jam's drummer Matt Cameron came down with COVID-19 and couldn't perform for Pearl Jam's concert at the Oakland Arena Friday night. But the show was not canceled all because of an 18-year-old in a garage band.

Kai is in a band called The Alive. It's Kai, his brother who's 14-years-old and a friend. Kai plays drums.

Kai and his brother had seen Pearl Jam at their concert in Los Angeles, according to The San Francisco Chronicle.

Obviously, a big fan of Pearl Jam, Neukerman's friends and family insisted he contact the band someway to ask if he could play the drums on stage for the Oakland concert.

Kai had met Olivia Vedder (Eddie Vedder's daughter) a few years ago. Eddie is the lead singer and one of four guitarists for Pearl Jam. So he sent her a text. Low and behold, she showed it to her dad. Eddie asked for a video of Kai playing the drums.

Kai received a message from the band's manager within one hour of submitting his video asking him to show up at Oakland Arena for rehearsal.

The 18-year-old high schooler performed on stage with Pearl Jam Friday night to a roaring crowd. Vedder told the crowd how impressed he was with Kai and his band The Alive.

Everybody, this is Kai...Kai, this is everybody! -Eddie Vedder

And just like that, the 18-year-old saves the show!

You're leading the band, brother! -Eddie Vedder

He killed it! What an opportunity for this young kid! -Sharon

Holy sh*t this is a badass version with this young drummer. -Zachary

This was great last night!! No pressure Kai you nailed it! -Julie

18-year-old Kai Neukerman plays drums for Pearl Jam Fright night at Oakland Arena

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