In celebration of October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, The Breast Center of Acadiana and 99.9 KTDY present the 14th Annual Mammosine taking place on Friday, October 22, 2021. 

Five women and their friends will win a FREE mammogram from The Breast Center of Acadiana on October 22nd.  Winners will be chosen the week of October 18th.

Winners and their friends will be live on the morning show with CJ and Ellen on October 22nd, and then we will all take a limo ride sponsored by Lafayette Limo and Trolley to either the River Ranch location or the Youngsville location of The Breast Center of Acadiana.

Everyone will come back together to celebrate with lunch at Carrabas on Kaliste Saloom. 

At Breast Center of Acadiana, their focus is breast health, 365 days a year. They never take off their pink ribbons or stop talking about early detection. Dr. Mathews is pleased to announce two new additions to his team—Dr. Cheryl Randal and Dr. Franklin Danger. Together they have created a safe, secure environment that caters to the needs of their patients. They bring care and compassion to women all over Acadiana—the care and compassion that patients have come to expect from the Breast Center of Acadiana. Take the time to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness and take the time to visit the team that celebrates it all year long. Breast Center of Acadiana in Lafayette and Youngsville.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

How do you enter to win?

It’s easy! Open the 99.9 KTDY app, look for the button that says ‘Mammosine’, click it and fill out the entry form… that’s it! CJ and Ellen will pull one winner a day during the week of October 11th.  Be certain to have your entries in prior to 7am on October 15, as we'll be picking the final winner on that day.

KTDY's Mammosine is sponsored by The Breast Center of Acadiana, Lafayette Limo and Trolley, Carrabbas, and 99.9 KTDY.

Requirements to have a mammogram done:

  • Age 40 and over
  • Screening mammogram order required
  • No current breast-related problems
  • No screening mammogram done within the last year

Requirements on day of the appointment:

  • Masks required to enter our facilities
  • No current Covid related symptoms
  • No Covid exposure or diagnosis within 10 days of appointment

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