Early detection saves lives. It's a simple, but profound statement. Once again this year, 99.9 KTDY encourages the women of Acadiana to get their annual breast cancer screenings.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This was a month to make everyone aware that one in eight women will have to deal with breast cancer throughout their lifetime.

This month we also took several women for a free mammogram sponsored by the Breast Center of Acadiana. The 16th annual Mammosine rolled out October 27 to the two locations of Breast Center of Acadiana in Lafayette and Youngsville.

Breast Center of Acadiana Lafayette Location
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When your doctor gives you your prescription for your mammogram, did you know you have a choice of where you want to go? Choose Breast Center of Acadiana. We want to remind you if you read this after October 31 that it doesn't matter what the calendar date shows, just make sure you schedule your mammogram.

At Breast Center of Acadiana, their focus is breast health, 365 days a year. They never take off their pink ribbons or stop talking about early detection.

The Breast Center of Acadiana has created a safe, secure environment that caters to the needs of its patients.

Breast Center of Acadiana Youngsville Location
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They bring care and compassion to women all over Acadiana—the care and compassion that patients have come to expect from the Breast Center of Acadiana.

KTDY's Mammosine was sponsored by

The Breast Center of Acadiana

Luxury Limo of Lafayette

La Pizzeria

Several local businesses also showered the women with gifts. Those businesses included:

The Pink Paisley

Agape Occupational and Physical Therapy

Buff City Soap

Acadiana Religious

Neighbors Pharmacy and Gifts

Home Furniture

Renewed Med Spa

Acadiana Bar and Grill

Education is key! Let's get those mammograms scheduled!

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