October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. During the month of October women are reminded to learn about breast cancer information and they are reminded to make sure they have scheduled a mammogram.

This can also be a very difficult month for anyone who has lost a family member to breast cancer. The same can be said for anyone who is battling breast cancer.

The statistics are very real, and often you can help to prevent the spread of breast cancer by early detection.

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Each Year Just Over 4,000 Women in Louisiana Will Be Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

The American Cancer Society estimates that 4,050 women will have been diagnosed with breast cancer for the entire year. Unfortunately, they also estimate that 690 women in Louisiana will die this year due to breast cancer.

Louisiana does have one of the highest death rates due to breast cancer, but officials across the country do know that with early detection the outcomes are so much better.

Louisiana Cancer Prevention and Control Programs can help women with financial and even transportation issues get a mammogram. Also, DON'T FORGET YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE WHERE YOU HAVE YOUR MAMMOGRAM DONE.

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One in Eight Women in Louisana Will be Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

One in eight women will have to deal with breast cancer during their lifetime. This statistic shows another reason why it is essential to follow the guidelines for early mammograms and/or your doctor's advice according to the Louisiana Cancer Prevention and Control Programs.

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Death Rates Are Higher Among Black Women and Number Are Worse in the South

A sad statistic that deals with black women is that their chances of dying from breast cancer are 40% higher than white women according to USA Today.

According to information in the article, black women are getting diagnosed with breast cancer at younger ages.

The report also highlights that the leading cause of cancer deaths in black women is breast cancer.

Another piece of information you may not know is that cancer deaths are higher for black women in the south according to a study by Cancer Causes Control.

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What Are Some of the Possible Symptoms of Breast Cancer?

According to breastcancer.org the following are some possible signs that you could have breast cancer:

  • Pain in the nipple and/or breast
  • Your nipple turns inward
  • Skin problems on your breasts (skin irritation, redness, scaliness or thickening)
  • Skin problems on your nipples (skin irritation, redness, scaliness or thickening)
  • Lump in your underarm area
  • Swelling of your breast

The best thing to do if you notice any of these changes is to contact your doctor's office.

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Breast Cancer is the Second Most Common Cancer in Women

The National Cancer Institute reports that breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women just behind skin cancer.

While we can't control the genes given to us by our mother and father, there are some things we can control. We can also work to prevent cancer by doing the following:

  • Don't use tobacco
  • Try to work on reducing weight if you are overweight or obese
  • Try to get some daily exercise
  • Alcohol raises your risk of cancer

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