Lafayette Back To School 2012 Tips
The start of the 2012 school year is just around the corner. Soon students from around Acadiana will be hopping out of the pool and stepping back into the classroom.
Debbie Ray’s 6 Tips for a Busy Woman
Staying organized and being on time are two priorities for me. I have always kept a schedule and stuck to it. But these days, I'm having to learn some new tricks to stay on top of things.
Here are my 6 Tips for A Busy Woman:
Summer Is Coming, Is Your Air Conditioner Ready?
When I got home on Thursday, the house was cool, but something didn't sound right:  upon investigating, the blower motor on our central unit wasn't on.  The outside unit was on, the plenum was cold, but there was no air flow.
Being the son of a man who could do anything, I learned a few things about …