A few weeks ago an email was being passed around the KTDY station with helpful household tips to everyday problems. Most clicked through without a second thought. CJ however was inspired. Fortunately, his inspiration has translated into a series of entertaining and informational videos that attempt to solve some of life's little problems.

We know you'll enjoy CJ's Household Tips.

  • 1

    Keep That Paint Bucket Clean

    If you've ever dealt with a big bucket of paint you understand how messy it can be. Excess paint build up can get everywhere and make it absolutely impossible to reseal the paint can.


    CJ feels your pain and has an awesome simple solution to help take a bit of the mess out of the situation.

  • 2

    CJ's Key to Key Chains

    Putting a new key on a key chain can be a nightmare. Those without finger nails struggle and those with long nails risk breakage. It's a lose/lose situation.


    CJ once again saves the day with a dynamite tip to get new keys on your chain without risking damaged to your nails and/or pride.

  • 3

    No More Boil Over

    Whether you're a clueless college bachelor whipping up ramen, or a world-class master chef putting the final touches on your gourmet pasta, everyone has to boil water. Unfortunately things can happen while your in the kitchen that take your attention away from the stove.


    With his third household tip, CJ explains why you'll never have to worry about water boiling over your pot again.

  • 4

    Shoe Dry Solution

    Shoes get wet. It happens. And you don't always have time to allow your shoes to dry on their own. Unfortunately, throwing your shoes in the dryer will result in loud noises and possible damage as the shoes bounce around. Unless of course you use CJ's advice...

  • 5

    Eyes Behind Your Head

    You can't always do what your supposed to be doing at work. That's just no fun. But getting caught cutting up isn't fun either.

    Fear not! CJ's office tip will ensure no one will sneak up behind you ever again. Just try to remember not to spend all your time on Facebook!

  • 6

    Stop Sore Thumbs!

    There is something truly invigorating about holding a hammer. You've got the barbaric urge to smash!


    However, aside from the rush of power, hammers are also accompanied by an overwhelming fear of smashing your fingers. Conqueror those fears with CJ's number six tip.

  • 7

    Drill Dust Catcher

    Using a power drill on a wall in your home can send sheet-rock powder everywhere. Unless of course you're using CJ's dust catching tip.