Staying organized and being on time are two priorities for me. I have always kept a schedule and stuck to it. But these days, I'm having to learn some new tricks to stay on top of things.

Here are my 6 Tips for A Busy Woman:

1. Write it down on piece of paper.

Technology is great, but when Siri "can't take any requests right now" or when you've accidentally chosen 12AM instead of 12PM on your web calendar, you're just out of luck. That's why I write the really critical reminders on real Post-It Notes (not the App) and stick them to my phone, dashboard or doorknob.

2. Always include an end time.

I could never be a painter. How do you ever know when your artwork is finished? Nowadays, with the number of things that need to be accomplished in less time than ever before, I find that, in addition to a Start Time, setting a Finish Time works for me. When I sit down at the computer, for example, I decide how long I'll work on something. Rather than endlessly tweaking and re-tweaking, I stop when the time's up. Otherwise, I never really let go of a task.

3. Do one thing at a time.

Multi-tasking is a myth in my world. Sure, you can play on Facebook and watch television at the same time, but I can't actually accomplish anything that requires real thought without concentrating on it. Plus, all that switching your attention back and forth requires energy that's better spent on each thing individually.

4. Turn the phone off.

Time away from my computer and phone are critical to my sanity. I set my phone so that during certain times, like overnight, the only thing that rings my phone is something I've set it to allow through. I know that if a family member calls me at midnight, I can answer, but if it's a wrong number or text from somebody who 'figured it was on silent' and wouldn't wake me, it doesn't. (And yes, you can do that easily- I'll explain how later.)

5. Plan a Vacation.

I love having something to look forward to. If something happens and you have to change your plans, so be it. But if you can, get the time off approved, start saving your money, book the flight, whatever you have to do- take the steps to get a vacation planned. Even if it's just one day and you don't leave your house, plan for it.

6. Ask for help.

Everybody's busy and stressed, but your friends and family and people you don't even know will help you when you need them. But you have to ask. And be there to return the favor!