What Age Is Too Old To Trick – Or – Treat?
On the morning show a few days ago, we got engaged in a discussion about trick-or-treating and at what age is too old to do it. Just so happen, there a new survey out that answers that very question.
Happy National Teddy Bear Day!
September 9th is National Teddy Bear Day. Teddy bears have magical power. They can soothe a broken heart, scare monsters out from under the bed, be faithful companions and make people feel loved.
13 Ways To Make A Better Burger
Labor Day weekend will have you bonding with your grill as you cook your famous burgers for the family this weekend, but what if you had a few tips that would make your famous burgers even better?
Happy National Left Handers Day!
I recently wrote an article about the group I feel is the most disrespected minority in America, "Southpaws." We're not necessarily discriminated against. The right handed "majority" simply doesn't give us much thought. That's OK. We know we're unique, and spe…
Happy World Emoji Day!!
I recently told you about the interesting "holidays" in July. "National Nude Day" was just a few days ago. "National Ice Cream Day," and "Moon Day" are fast approaching. July climaxes with "National Orgasm Day" on the 31st. Today, July 17th, is "…
60 Worst Selfies Of Moms [PHOTOS] compiled a photo gallery of 'The 60 Worst Mother Selfies Of All Time'. These photos catch moms of all ages in no so flattering selfies.

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