I Didn’t Know The Trash Trucks Did This!
I like to think that I am pretty up-to-date when it comes to the simple things in life, but I had no idea that the trash trucks did this.
I had a conversation with a friend who works for a waste disposal company, and I mentioned that I thought it was hard work for a garbage collector...
Cute Triplets Absolutely LOVE Garbage Day [VIDEO]
It's not uncommon for small children to be fascinated by big trucks and machinery. But a set of triplets in Florida love garbage day or "garb day" as they call it.
Martha Sugalski, a news anchor in Orlando Florida, posted a video of her young kids running to meet the garbage tr…
Waste Schedule For Good Friday
Residents in Lafayette Parish who have regularly scheduled garbage or recycling collection on Friday, will receive those services on Friday, as both Republic Services and the Recycling Foundation will work on Good Friday.

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