Dead Birds In Duson. Is It West Nile?
More than 30 birds were found dead in Duson on Tuesday. and as of now no one knows why. The birds had no gunshot wounds or evidence of other injuries. The birds were found near a cane field.
James Wing made the discovery.
"I came here this morning and saw birds all over the ground. One.…
Pink Birds Spotted In Acadiana
Pink birds are being spotted in Acadiana.  What are these birds.  They are not flamingos, however they do look like egrets.
Hundreds Of Birds On Power Lines In Lafayette
Last night as we were driving home, we had to stop at the red light on the corner of Ambassador Caffery and Johnston Street.  Over the sound of the radio I could hear a strange noise (I had the top down), so I looked up, and what did I see?

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