Last night as we were driving home, we had to stop at the red light on the corner of Ambassador Caffery and Johnston Street.  Over the sound of the radio I could hear a strange noise (I had the top down), so I looked up, and what did I see? Hundreds of birds, perched over me!!

Once I turned the radio down, I realized that it was the sounds of hundreds and hundreds of birds chirping.  It seemed like they kept jockeying for position on the power lines.

They were wing to wing, lining all the crossbeams on the utility pole, and then they were spreading out in all directions on the power lines.  It was crazy!!  Shannon was starting to freak out a little bit (she had watched "The Birds" once too many times as a child!).

Anyway, I thought I would snap a few pics and roll video so you could enjoy the sights and sounds of hundreds of birds at the corner of Ambassador and Johnston.


(Via Youtube)