Lafayette Arnould Blvd. Piccadilly Robbed
When I arrived in Lafayette, as a young man of 22, I took a job as a manager trainee at the Piccadilly Cafeteria on Arnould Boulevard. That was along time ago, but I recall there was a section in the policy manual containing specific instructions about what to do in the event of a robbery. To paraph…
Happy National Martini Day!
I was browsing Facebook when I encountered a status that caught my eye. Old friend, former co worker, former roommate, Ed Dufilho, posted that today (June 19th) is "National Martini Day"! Martinis are quite popular here at 99.9 KTDY. Debbie Ray likes quite a few variations, while CJ& …
Were Michael Jackson’s Moves A Bob Fosse Ripoff? [Videos]
Everything comes from somewhere. Great art is usually inspired by, or stolen from (depending on your perspective) that of someone who came before. Michael Jackson has mesmerized 2 generations with his moves. He wowed us with his epic performance at the Motown 25 special. The legendary Fred Astaire …
Nascar Star Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Gets Engaged
Dale Earnhardt, Jr. is going to take the "Big Plunge." He proposed to his long time girlfriend, Amy Reimann Wednesday. Nascar.com reports, Amy and Dale are on a family trip in Germany with Dale's sister, and brother in law.

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