Steve Wiley and I worked together many years ago, before we both came back to the radio at Cool 96 in 1994. We played fish in a commercial once in the '80's - I wish I could remember what the product was! I also ran into Steve about twenty years ago when he was working at Color Tile. We were remodeling a bathroom and I made him search the world over to find the last handful of matching tiles in the universe. Truly a gentleman, he was gracious, as always! We joke about Steve's bachelor status, but if you ever doubted us, read #1 in my list of 10 Things You Don't Know About Steve Wiley:





  1. He was once named one of Acadiana's 10 most eligible singles by the Times of Acadiana.         
  2. He was elected president of his 9th grade class.            
  3. He played The Wizard of Oz in a school play.            
  4. He's lived in 3 different states (Louisiana, Colorado, New York.)
  5. His first job in radio paid $80 a week.
  6. He once worked in a paper mill.              
  7. He sold bedroom furniture to a guy who played in a Super Bowl.            
  8. He helped build a man made lake.             
  9. He worked as a lifeguard.              
  10. He loves to watch the "Golden Girls."