If you want to rile up a person from South Louisiana, particularly one from the Acadiana region, don't do the five things listed below. Truth be told, though, Cajuns are the friendliest, most hospitable, flexible people you'll ever meet. They'll offer you a meal if you're hungry, a place to lay your head if you're weary, and a hearty laugh when you need one.

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    Bad Gumbo

    People in the whole state of Louisiana, not just in Cajun Country, get really upset when somebody riffs on gumbo. Remember the outrage over the 'Healthy Gumbo' recipe with kale and quinoa from Disney? Ugh! Make it right or skip it.

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    Saying a Street Name Wrong

    You can really fire up some people when you pronounce that street on the south side that goes to Youngsville with a 't' at the end. It's really pronounced "Veh-row," y'all, not "Veh-rot." 

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    When Somebody Doesn't Eat Crawfish

    Ever been to a crawfish boil when somebody actually says out loud, "I don't eat crawfish." Now, we all understand an allergy to shellfish, but when you follow it up with a lecture explaining that they're disgusting because they live in the mud, or make a comment about the BP oil disaster, expect some very ugly looks, followed by a generous offer of some corn and potatoes.Watch Crawfish Boil Song HERE

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    A Bad Fake Accent

    Watching a movie where the actors are trying to do a Cajun accent and they end up sounding like they're from Georgia, or Texas, or worse yet, when it's completely indecipherable. Do a little more research or get a better dialect coach, Hollywood. And by the way, we wouldn't mind some subtitles when y'all do a Maine or a New Jersey accent. : - )  Here's a real Cajun Accent

    Nick Domingue via YouTube
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    Confusing Cajun and Creole

    Shrimp and Okra gumbo is Creole. Chicken and Sausage Gumbo is Cajun. Sauce Piquante is Cajun. Remoulade is Creole. Here's a great explanation of the difference. Or maybe even worse, when somebody over-seasons a dish and calls it Cajun, just because it's spicy.

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