The Top 10 Lies Most Of Us Tell
We'd all like to believe we are truthful when we speak. We'd all like to believe we don't weigh as much as we do and we have never stolen HBO using aluminum foil either. Here's our top 10 list of lies we all tell.
10 Careers With Most Psychopaths
Higher Perspective has put out a list, "The Top 10 Careers With The Most Psychopaths", and it looks like radio and television personalities made the list!
6 Unique New Orleans Experiences That Aren’t Tourist Traps
So you're going to New Orleans to watch the Cajuns play Tulane in the R & L Carriers Bowl at the Superdome. What are you going to do before the game or Sunday before you head back home? You've been to the Audubon Zoo, the French Quarter and the World War II Museum, what else is the…
Top 5 Stories of 2013 on
The Country Singing Bible Boy, Ashton Kutcher's Speech, Raising Cane's sauce recipe, Funeral Taxi Prank, and the Cheating Gag that Backfired. Here they are again, in case you missed one or want to enjoy all over again!
What States Produce the Most Professional Athletes?
Thanks to some outstanding research by the folks at Business Insider, we have good news if you're a kid growing up in Wyoming or Mississippi—you have a (relatively) great chance of becoming a Major League Baseball player someday. If you're from Utah, though? Eh, not so much.

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