Get your taste buds ready for a unique Cajun/New Orleans experience like no other. Zapp's Voodoo Battered Fried Pickles have hit Walmart shelves in Acadiana. This is the biggest news since Patti LaBelle's Sweet Potato Pies. Zapp's Voodoo Battered Fried Pickles are flying off the shelves.

If you live in Louisiana you know how wildly popular Zapp's Potato Chips are, especially the Voodoo flavored. That salt and vinegar flavor with a hint of BBQ sweetness and special cajun your mouth is watering just reading this. Now, try to imagine all these flavors surrounding a pickle that you pop in the oven for an anytime snack. Perfection!

 Zappo's Fried Pickles and some blackened cajun ranch 👌🏼

All you do is place these Voodoo battered pickles in the oven for 6-7 minutes at 450 degrees, flip and bake for another 6-7 minutes. And what happens is, in under 15 minutes, your oven has become the happiest place in the world as your Voodoo treats bake with Louisiana love. After taking a cooling rest for about 2 minutes, your mouth then becomes the happiest place in the world where Cajun and New Orleans flavors combine with the taste and texture of pickle.

For just under $5.00, Zapp's Voodoo Battered Fried Pickles bayou treats will make you forget about our worldwide pandemic and just for a moment take the edge of your day by exciting your tastebuds with seasonings that are Louisiana.

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