Maybe it's because I'm pregnant or maybe it's just because Zapp's are delicious, but either way I can't stop thinking about those crunchy little Louisiana taters. Naturally, I started making a list in my mind of my favorite flavors, and let me tell you, picking a favorite is hard to do!

We all know that Zapp's are next-level yummy, but with so many flavors to choose from how can you pick a favorite?

I'm a hardcore Voodoo fan myself, but I wanted to see where other people's heads were at when it comes to everyone's favorite soulful snack, so I took a peek at a thread on

After searching through pages of responses it looks like I'm not the only person with a love for Voodoo, because it was by-far the most talked about flavor. Coming in a close second were Zapp's Spicy Cajun Crawtator flavor followed by quite a few Creole Tomato's, which were limited edition so I don't know if they even count.

What's your favorite Zapp's flavor?

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