In the movie "Apollo 13," Tom Hanks (as Jim Lovell) brags to a tour group about NASA's new supercomputer that fits all in one room. That was 1970. You're carrying a computer in your pocket that, by comparison, makes that "super computer" look like a Fisher Price toy. So, you have an old smartphone lying around that's been deactivated. It can still be quite useful. Your kids can play video games on it. You can read ebooks, listen to audiobooks, even use it as a TV remote. We have 2 TV's equipped w/ Roku's Sometimes we misplace the remotes (imagine that!). The Roku app is installed on both of our phones. You can also use it for emergency help. All smartphones are required by federal law to have 911 capability, even after deactivation. Just make sure it's charged. Click here for more tips on how you can use your old smartphone.

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